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Poker Shopping

Welcome to our new store. Poker is one of those excellent hobbies that can actually pay for themselves once you’re skilled enough. With the money won at the poker table, online or offline, one can engage in some serious poker shopping.


If you wish to become a better poker player, there are several poker books that you might want to put on your shopping list. Not all poker books are great, so it’s a good idea to browse some poker forums and read some reviews before you make a purchase. Examples of highly regarded poker books are Doyle Brunson’s “Super System: A Course In Power Poker”, David Sklansky’s ”The Theory of Poker” and Dan Harrington’s ”Harrington on Hold’em: Expert Strategy for No-Limit Tournaments”. It is also possible to purchase poker tutorials online, or even hire a professional poker teacher. Also, check out this great casino guide for good strategy articles and make sure you visit OnlineCasino to find a casino that offers a high bonus and a nice selection of casino games.


If you like to play old-school poker at home with friends, you may want to go shopping for a nice set of chips and some other poker items, including good decks of cards and a nice felt to place on the table. If money isn’t a problem, you might even want to do some poker table shopping. Having a designated poker table can really elevate the gambling experience to a whole new level.


Last but not least, there are tons of poker paraphernalia out there for the eager poker shoppers. One of the most publicized sales of poker memorabilia took place in late 2010 when Peter Eastgate put his bracelet from the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event up for auction at eBay. The bracelet eventually sold for $147,500 and Eastgate promptly donated all the proceeds to UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund). Don’t forget that you can play poker at an online casino at anytime you want.

divBest Buy:

Brunsons Super System : A Course in Power Poker

I Highly Recommend this book that repays itself a 1000 times over by making you a better poker player. I know it made me a better player!

Finally some good news for Gus Hansen

When you are widely regarded as one of the best poker players in the world and losses keep piling up over the Internet, it is obvious that you’re doing something wrong. Most people would freak out and stop any activity right away, but that’s why Gus Hansen is different and much appreciated. The Danish poker player keeps going despite all the adversity and he shows no sign of slowing down.

Gus HansenThe last couple of weeks were far better than the last few years combined, with Hansen winning almost $1 million in one weekend. He came $150,000 shy of crossing the threshold, but even so he can consider himself fortunate to have ended the losing streak. In the great scheme of things, not even $1 million would represent much, because Gus is claimed to have lost an eight digit amount over the Internet.

For the time being, Hansen plans on taking it one step at a time and the first baby steps were made in the right direction as he won $320,000 on Saturday. He decided to stick to triple draw tables for a while and after losing a few hands in the beginning of the session, he returns on track and finished the day on a positive note. Most of the money were collected at $2k/$4k 2-7 TD tables against Dan “jungleman” Cates and five other players.

Dan was obviously the top counter candidate for Gus and the one with the best chance of crushing the table, but things took a different and surprising turn. Cates started to bleed chips from the first hand, eventually losing $200,000, while Hansen collected a combined amount of $570,000. Not so long ago, Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom were involved in a very exciting competition ran by Full Tilt Poker, with each of them captaining a team of players who want free rolls.

That was a fun and exciting competition, but this time they didn’t sit down at the same tables, instead Viktor Blom played against Doug Polk. It was a bad decision for the Swedish professional, as the $500/$1000 CAP NLHE tables action resulted in a $300,000 loss. Some of the money were recuperated later in the day, but the weekend itself was disappointing. The fact that Viktor lost the biggest hands due to bad luck alone as he played brilliantly, it is only a pale consolation.

Gus Hansen finished the day as the biggest winner, with $526,000 and the entire weekend filled his coffers with $850,000.…

Strategy in the Final Stages of a Tournament

Your online poker strategy must relate to the place you want to finish. You can play tight-aggressive (TAG) for a ITM finish (in the money). If you still play to win, you have to play more loose-aggressive (LAG) and to assume greater risks – for example, to shove with pocket pairs early.

In small tournaments (eg SNGs of 180 online poker people at Full Tilt), we always recommend LAG approach – largely due to the fact that the first places are awarded more consistent, like playing here. Similarly, satellite type tournaments or steps type tournaments ones, matter much more to come first and therefore to play looser. 1

Strategy for large, medium and small stack.

Play according to your stack size. Big stacks over 30xBB should play aggressive and to use to steal the blinds, game type and bluff squeeze. Need to coerce smaller stacks blinds and do not be afraid to call pre-flop when you have a marginal hand like suited connectors or a big ace.

Players with average stacks (between 15 and 30 BigBlinds) must play slightly tighter than a deep stack, yet to dominate players with short stacks and profit from other players in the same tight situation. You shouldn’t do too often shove preflop in early position without good hands, but stealing the pot is still very important. Most of the action should come from the mid- late position and it is very important not to become pot bound against adversaries with big stack. There are other more effective ways to gather chips than to get in a coin flip with the chip leader of your preflop.

Let’s be honest – small stack players need a miracle right now. If you have less than 10xBB, then you should put your best into play 50% of hands as soon as possible. Much of your game at this point depends on your luck and takes big risks.

Continue To Steal/Defend Blinds

Blinds value (+antes) is massive, which is why preflop pots are very important to steal.

When you’re in the final stages of a tournament, you have to try to steal the blinds in position as often as possible and take advantage of the players’ tight/weak on BBs. As long as you raise or bluff with hands that have outs (suited connectors for example) can still receive calls and to hit a monster.

I have to say two words about blinds occur.…

Norwegian government contemplates the legalization of poker

Norway leads by example and it is frequently cited as an ideal destination for those who cherish quality of life in an open-minded society. Poker players who plan on relocating there might be surprised to hear that the game is still illegal in Norway, although baby steps are being made in the right direction.

norwaypokerThe new government majority contemplates the possibility of legalizing poker and MP Roy Steffensen could be the one to make the decisive move. There are plenty of reasons for why the game should be legal, but so far there were no many willing to carry the flag and fight for this cause. As a result, Norwegian players who are looking forward for this year’s edition of the Norway Championship of Poker have already booked flights and accommodation in Dublin.

The capital of Ireland will act as a gracious host for this major event, between April 5th – 13th  which is frustrating for the numerous Norwegian poker pros. Many have already made a name for themselves both online and in land based casinos, yet they can’t play their favorite game in their own country. In the past, efforts hit a brick wall, given the ruling majority’s opposition, but there are reasons for optimism.

Current Minister of Culture Thorhild Widwey is a big supporter of poker and she is willing to make compromises so that a prominent tournament can be organized in a local casino. This is a small step rather than a giant leap, but for the poker community in Norway it is still something worth celebrating. If everything goes well, a Norwegian Poker Championship could be held in 2015, within borders. If and when it happens, you will find all information about the tournament on the Norwegian casino portal

Among those who made a significant contribution to the cause are Erlan Wiborg and Ola “Odd Oddsen” Amundsrud with the former accepting a heads-up challenged issued by the poker pro. Erlan bowed to Amundsrud and the professional made his point, with the entire campaign being aimed at promoting poker and speeding up its legalization.

Casumo Casino in UK

casumo iconSometimes, all you need is an innovative concept and the will to take on strong competitors to prevail, even when you are relatively late to the party. Casumo did exactly that two years ago and since 2012 when the first virtual reels were spun and the first cards dealt, they kept growing at an accelerated pace. Casumo had no intention of walking down the same traveled paths and instead invited players to embark on an epic adventure.

Games and Software

NetEnt’s reputation precedes it and when it comes to online casino games, this software developer holds several records. It incorporates some of the best visual and sound effects into its titles and has some of the best paying progressive jackpot games. They are also big promoters of cutting edge technology and constantly add new titles on the list of games available on mobile devices.

Slot games enthusiasts have hundreds of games to choose from, most of them tweaked so that they can be played on smartphones and tablets. Wild Turkey, Jack Hammer, Foxin News, Mega Fortune, Victorious and Lucky Angler, are just a couple of the slot games available. Other popular casino games, including Caribbean Poker, Blackjack and roulette are available and the latter even have a live dealer option.

Progressive jackpot games are abundant and players have the same chances of scooping a record-breaking amount by playing downloadable content, instant play games or mobile-compatible titles. Speaking of which, Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights, Geisha Wonders and Icy Wonders are the best paying slot games with progressive jackpots developed by NetEnt and offered by Casumo.

Bonuses and loyalty programs

When they make their first deposit, new players will have their accounts credited with an identical amount in the form of a welcome bonus. The only prerequisite is for players to deposit at least €10 and before the bonus amount can be withdrawn, it has to meet a play-through requirement of 25 times. More on the bonuses and rewards at Casumo casino is available at

Loyal members who spend a lot of time enjoying their games will cash in on a different type of rewards, in conjunction to occasional deposit bonuses. The latter are made available on a monthly basis and the loyalty campaign is just as alluring, as progress is easy to quantify. Casumo has its own leaderboard and players are moving up with each dollar they spin and rewards vary from bonus money to free spins.…

Super casino could open in Southampton this year

Super casinoWhen it comes to land-based casinos, the most promising news come from Las Vegas and Macau, the world’s biggest gambling hubs. This is where new venues open on a monthly basis and where most of the highrollers flock throughout the year. Good news come from Southampton, where the gambling company Aspers plans on opening a super casino in the next couple of years.

They’ve already chosen a location for their latest venue, which is supposed to be the third-largest in United Kingdom. There are only a handful of places where poker players and other fans of gambling can put their luck and skill to the test in England, at least of this magnitude. The prospect of having a super casino in Southampton at Royal Pier is alluring for all those concerned, given the fact that this area is not frequented by tourists and derelict buildings are scattered all over the place.

The investment will generate plenty of jobs and it is expected that people from neighboring towns will also come here to gamble. A project of this size will have 150 slot games and plenty of table games, so those who happen to be nearby won’t be disappointed. Few companies were willing to invest in this area and that’s why the Associated British Ports Authority was thrilled at the prospect of Aspers bringing in millions of dollars.

The city Council also seems to be backing this project, although some formalities are yet to be fulfilled before the actual project commences. The company has the expertise and money to build something formidable out of scratch and past performance is an accurate indicator in this case. The Stratford super casino in London is a lucrative venue and a significant source of income for the local community and state coffers. If the Southampton project will be only half as profitable, the citizens will still have a lot to gain and so will the local leaders.…

Sotirios Koutoupas lifts the trophy at EPT Deauville Main Even

Sotirios KoutoupasAfter the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure ended, many poker professionals decided to take a break, waiting for the Aussie Millions to begin. There was no shortage of pros willing to compete in the EPT Deauville Main Even, but none of them were capable of beating Sotirios Koutoupas. The Greek survived some scary encounters and got lucky when he needed most, to win the tournament and collect the lion’s share worth €614,000.

An interesting interview featuring the winner and taken right after the main event ended can be watched here The Greek player was one of the 671 date €5300 for a chance to participate in this prestigious tournaments and he enjoyed an excellent return on investment. Competition was steep and he had to face vastly more experienced opponents at the final table, including PokerStars Team Pro Eugene Katchalov.

While his opponent had the advantage of experience and popularity, Koutoupas had the deepest stack and he put its entire weight behind his actions. He picked his fights carefully but didn’t hesitate to lock horns with professionals such as Eli Heath who brought a significant stack to the final table. He caused his elimination in the fourth place and then focused his attention on Oliver Price who was struggling with a puny stack and was waiting for an opportunity to go all in.

When this chance presented itself, he didn’t hesitate but his seemingly strong starting hand was beaten by the Greek. This was the sixth and final player to be eliminated before the heads-up began and Sotirios was clearly ahead with 75% of the chips in play. Eugene Katchalov was hardly impressed by his opponent’s advantage and managed to close the gap in the first half an hour. He won two big pots and got within striking distance of the chip leader, but he couldn’t cross the 8 million chips threshold.

From that point onward he started to bleed chips and eventually was forced to go all in with A-K, only to see his hand utterly destroyed by an unfavorable flop. He had to settle for a consolation prize of €380,000, while the Greek player claimed the first bought in the EPT Deauville Main Event and $614k. This is how the final table looked like at the end of the tournament:

  1. Sotirios Koutoupas – €614,000
  2. Eugene Katchalov – €379,500
  3. Oliver Price – €271,200
  4. Eli Heath – €207,800
  5. Harry Law – €164,600
  6. Rustem Muratov – €128,200
  7. Carlo De Benedittis – €93,000
  8. Anthony Lerust – €63,900

What to do after scoring a big win online?

pokershopThe main advantage of playing mostly tournaments, is that you always have the chance of winning a big amount in one successful session. This is not a luxury that cash game players can afford, as they choose an entirely different road, which rewards perseverance. They grind their profits and to some extent, the more hours they spend playing, the better the odds are to boost their bankroll and there is an indissoluble link between the amount they make and the stakes they play at.

Tournament players are subject to variance and even though they don’t require such a significant bankroll, they are always in danger of running out of money, before the bad luck ends. The vast majority of profits collected at tournament tables are the result of players finishing in the money and only a handful make the final tables in big events. Even though such a performance is usually enough to offset all losses incurred over a long period of time, securing a place among the final nine is not an easy thing to do.

The difference between the payouts awarded to the winner and the one who is sent to the rail in the ninth place is considerable, with the former sometimes collecting 20 times more. Those who find themselves in this fortunate position and win a considerable amount after a lengthy draught, are allowed to celebrate but they need to take some precautions as well. There are plenty of examples of people who lost it all or squandered most of their profits, simply because they were not prepared for managing their good fortune.

The first thing that players tend to do when they win a tournament or collect a lot of money as a result of making the final table is to try their luck at cash game tables. Even though they don’t put it that way and assume that the same set of skills that helped them win the tournament will serve them well at cash game tables. The problem is that they don’t adjust limits according to their original standards and sit down at limits that are supported by their new bankroll.

When professionals are asked what they wish for when they begin a poker session, they will say that the best case scenario is to have a newcomer as an opponent. Generally, they have to compete against equally experienced players and that’s why the winnings and losses are hard to predict, but when they play against an amateur, they rarely leave empty-handed.…

Dario Minieri’s take on playing poker at micro-limits

pokershopThose who make their baby steps in the world of poker, find everything related to the game extraordinary and they tend to talk a lot about it whenever they have the occasion. That’s why, when players explain how thrilled they are at playing at micro-limits, many of their more experienced peers tend to dismiss them as amateurs. The truth is that very few have made a successful transition from these limits to regular ones and there are not many success stories or guidelines out there.

Dario Minieri is a poker professional who competes at high-stakes and is well familiar with major tournaments, but very few know that he started from scratch. He knew that time was on his side but he didn’t have a lot of money, so he didn’t mind playing at micro limits until he finally honed his skills. One of the things he emphasizes is that these units provide you with the rare opportunity of learning while you earn and keeps you safe from catastrophic losses.

Sometimes, players need to sit down at $0.01/$0.02 tables and compete for what others regard as pocket money for the kids. Knowing that you need to gradually open additional tables until you finally accumulate enough money in your online account to move to the next limits can be disheartening. One of the mistakes that many amateurs commit is that they think about what the amounts won at the end of a lengthy session would buy them in the real world.

This is a winning mistake, because it devalues the entire notion of learning while you play at micro-limits and opens the door for tilt to insinuate. Dario Minieri explains how he took every single table seriously and focused mostly on growing organically, because he knew that this is the only sustainable way of building a poker career. Once he had enough money he moved to the next limits, but he didn’t jump from one to the other before his bankroll would allow it.

There are not many who have the results and experience of Dario to contradict him on this issue and beginners should heed his words. Time solves everything and those who take micro-limits seriously will eventually go all the way up to the top and the most successful ones will one day play at nosebleed limits. On the other hand, if you try to advance to soon, you risk jeopardizing everything and for many aspiring poker players a significant loss in the early stages of their career can prove insurmountable.…

Grand Ho Tram Strip opens in Vietnam

Grand Ho Tram Strip opens in VietnamVietnam is not a country famous for its gaming hubs and very few poker professionals travel here for poker tournaments, but this all could change in the upcoming years. Local authorities are working to attract giant casino ventures and their efforts are finally paying off, with big investors expressing their interest to spend money in Vietnam. The focal point of attention is the Grand Ho Tram Strip, where a string of casinos and luxurious hotels were erected or are in the process of being built.

It is obvious that the Asian market is growing at an accelerated pace and what is more important is that there is plenty of room left to grow. Macau casinos are attracting millions of players throughout the year and billions of dollars are spent here, making it a bigger gaming hub than Las Vegas. Vietnam has a favorable legislation that presents many benefits to those willing to invest in this niche, not to mention that the authorities are willing to make more compromises than their European counterparts.

A huge project that was supposed to conclude at the end of the decade in Madrid is in danger of being put on hold indefinitely due to the fact that Spanish legislators refused to allow smoking inside the premises. Obviously, there might be additional motives for why the investors are willing to pull out from this project, with one of them being the fact that the Spanish capital city will no longer host the next Olympics. Regardless of the reasons for why the Grand Ho Tram Strip is suddenly more attractive for investors, Vietnam officials have plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

The best proof that the Asian Coast Development company and other investors who try to establish a dominant position at the Grand Ho Tram Strip have long-term plans, is that they’ve signed a partnership with JWP advertising agency. These guys are some of the best in their line of work and will diligently work towards promoting the business beyond borders, in an attempt of attracting as many players as possible. The project is still in its infant stage, but big steps have been made into the right direction.

There is of course concern regarding the possibility of poker players and other casino highrollers to choose Macau. On the bright side, the idea of novelty as well as the possibility of tapping into the immense potential of a new gaming hub, should render this fears groundless.…

Chris Brammer chip leader at the end of Day 2 at the UKIPT

UKIPT Maine Event started fast and furious this December, with hundreds of players buying in, so the first day was divided into three sessions. Even though the players who take the lead at the end of Day 1 rarely win the event, players do their very best to ensure this position, as it maximizes their chances to make the final table. With three chip leaders at the beginning of Day 2, it was obvious that all those who are still in the race will shift into an aggressive gear to strip them of their temporary achievement.


Chris Brammer was the most successful player and he fully deserves the result, as he started from scratch and built his stack one pot at the time. Unlike other players who avoided coin flips and barely went all in, Chris took on the most aggressive opponents and pit them against difficult decisions. He locked horns several times with Tim Wong and in the second half of the day, the player from Malaysia appeared to be favorite to finish the session with the biggest stack.

Even though he came painfully close of hitting this milestone, he is just 13,000 chips behind and with a bit of luck he can leapfrog the leader in the first couple of hours of Day 3. Among those that fell to him was Richard Kellet who played his cards very well and represented a monster hand, but got called all the way to the river. Those who followed the action on the official website and PokerStars blog commented on the subject, with some of them thinking that Wong made a brilliant call, while others dismissing him as lucky and slightly crazy to take such chances.

Another player that spent a lot of time in the spotlight was Mickey Petersen who finished day 1 with an above average stack and thrived in the first hours of Day 2. His luck ran out when he locked horns with Adam Gotch as his pocket Kings got crushed by aces and Petersen’s stack was reduced to 80,000 chips. Much to his credit, he is still in the race and can take pride in making Day 3, unlike other poker professionals such as David Nicholson.

He was unlucky to lose major pots while winning many more insignificant hands but at the end of the day what matters is that he enjoyed a good run and spent some quality time at the UKIPT.…