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300Pc 9Gram “Blank” Clay Poker Chip Set w/Aluminum Case

76_5The ultimate all-in-one Poker Chip set for 3-4 players. Fully equipped with the following high quality items:

  • 300 pc 9 Gram blank “professional” Clay Poker Chips. These highly durable poker chips are made of the highest quality clay composite material and have the perfect touch and feel for playing. The chips are casino sized (39 mm diameter) and is ideal for the professional player!
  • 2 decks of Official World Poker Tour (WPT) Playing Cards.
  • 5 brand new dice.
  • 1 dealer button.
  • Deluxe aluminum poker chip case sleekly designed with rounded edges and lined with plush foam for maximum protection. This case is the 2005 New Design.

This Set includes blank Clay Poker Chips with no printed value in the following colors:

  • 100 white chips (commonly used as $1)
  • 50 red chips (commonly used as $5)
  • 50 blue chips (commonly used as $10)
  • 50 green chips (commonly used as $25)
  • 50 black chips (commonly used as $100)

An advantage of using chips with no printed value is that you can assign the value you prefer to different colors.

Ship weight: 12.5 lb