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500pc 15 Gram “Casino Ace” Clay Poker Chip Set with Black Aluminum Case

455_2This highly exclusive chip set is suitable for up to 8 players. The black high quality case contains 500 pieces 15 Gram clay chips in a new ”Casino Ace” design. The chips are the heaviest we have and we consider them to be ideal for the live poker enthusiast. As this 15 Gram set is somewhat more expensive than many of our other sets it might not suit everybody. However, we believe that you will not be sorry for the few extra pounds you pay since this set received the highest grade ever from our team of WSOP poker experts. This new line of Black 15 Gram Clay Poker Chip Sets received nothing but praise! The set contains the following items:

500 pc ”Casino Ace” design poker chips. The chips are casino sized (39 mm diameter), weigh 15 Gram each and have four aces and the word “Casino” written on the chip. The chips have an extremely heavy feel, nice touch and are ideal for your Poker and Blackjack games. The chips are made of quality clay material featured in color ”Casino Ace” design. The weight and feel of the chips make them distinctly different from all other chips found on the market today.

  • 2 decks of high quality playing cards.
  • 5 dice.
  • 1 dealer button.
  • 1 small blind
  • 1 big blind
  • Black poker chip case sleekly designed with rounded edges and lined with plush foam for maximum protection. The case is new for the year and has passed our quality tests with flying colors!

The set contains chips of the following quantities and colors

  • 150 grey chips
  • 150 red chips
  • 100 green chips
  • 50 blue chips
  • 50 black chips