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500pc 15 Gram “Casino Ace” Clay Poker Chip Set with Black Aluminum Case

This highly exclusive chip set is suitable for up to 8 players. The black high quality case contains 500 pieces 15 Gram clay chips in a new ”Casino Ace” design. The chips are the heaviest we have and we consider them to be ideal for the live poker enthusiast. As this 15 Gram set is somewhat more expensive than many of our other sets it might not suit everybody. However, we believe that you will not be sorry for the few extra pounds you pay since this set received the highest grade ever from our team of WSOP poker experts. This new line of Black 15 Gram Clay Poker Chip Sets received nothing but praise!

Poker Secrets from Poker Champs!

15 World Series of Poker winners sit down and share their secrets on this amazing 2 1/2 hour DVD. With over $100 MILLION in winnings, these champs know what they talk about!

John Patrick´s Texas Hold´em

John Patrick is unquestionably one of the dominant forces in the world of gambling. For years, he hosted his own national cable TV show, “So You Wanna Be A Gambler!” which aired weekly on Financial News Network, and attracted a large and loyal following. John has written 15 books on the subject of gambling and has produced 23 instructional videos on Blackjack strategy, Craps rules and strategy, Slot Machines, Texas Hold’em as played in the World Series of Poker, Video Poker, Casino Games, Sports Handicapping, and the Lottery.

Masters of Poker Pack: Phil Hellmuths Texas Hold Em

This dvd contains most of what you need for a good introduktion into the magic world of Texas Hold em Poker. Phil Hellmouth guides you through it´s foundations but you also get good pointers regarding tricks and techniques to bluff your way through a pokerround.

Doyle Brunsons Super System II : A Course In Power Poker

Included poker game variations are: Limit Hold'em (Jennifer Harman), Omaha Eight-or Better (Bobby Baldwin), Seven-Card Stud High-Low Eight-or-Better (Todd Brunson), Pot-Limit Omaha High (Lyle Berman), Triple Draw (Daniel Negreanu), and No-Limit Hold'em (Doyle Brunson).