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Barny Boatman finally wins his WSOP bracelet

pokershopThere are some poker players out there whom people instinctively assume that our World Series of Poker winners, for the simple fact that they are always in the spotlight. Barny Boatman is such an example, and unlike some of his peers he is not only well known but also incredibly popular due to his friendly demeanor. To say that he is a vastly experienced poker player would be an understatement, because there are just a handful out there even close facing in terms of time spent at the poker tables.

What makes him special is the fact that he treats all players courteously regardless of skill and is always willing to talk to them whether they he knows them or not. Even when confronted with adversity or sour losers, Barny Boatman doesn’t seem to be losing his temper and finds a way of appeasing them. This is why, when the poker community found out that after many years of struggle, he finally won a World Series of Poker bracelet, they were genuinely happy for him. tells the story of this victory in Las Vegas, but also shed some light on Barny Boatman, the man. He finished in the money at so many live events, that he has no reason to think about the financial side, but the fact that the coveted bracelet has eluded him for so long must have been frustrating.

Interesting enough, each time Barny Boatman sat down at the WSOP table he was optimistic about his chances of emerging victorious. Surprising enough, each performance was slightly better than the previous one until the inevitable happened and he took home the gold bracelet. There is no reason to expect him to quit poker or to refrain from playing at the World Series of Poker in 2014 and it will come as no surprise if Barny Boatman would win another bracelet or even more.

Among British poker players, he is one of the most successful and the worst example for the younger generation of Internet poker experts. This young and promising guys have proven their worth time after time online but they still need to hold their skills at the poker table. Even more important is that they need to get aware of what proper etiquette is and how to behave under pressure, something that unfortunately many of those who play exclusively over the Internet are not particularly good at.