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Chris Brammer chip leader at the end of Day 2 at the UKIPT

UKIPT Maine Event started fast and furious this December, with hundreds of players buying in, so the first day was divided into three sessions. Even though the players who take the lead at the end of Day 1 rarely win the event, players do their very best to ensure this position, as it maximizes their chances to make the final table. With three chip leaders at the beginning of Day 2, it was obvious that all those who are still in the race will shift into an aggressive gear to strip them of their temporary achievement.


Chris Brammer was the most successful player and he fully deserves the result, as he started from scratch and built his stack one pot at the time. Unlike other players who avoided coin flips and barely went all in, Chris took on the most aggressive opponents and pit them against difficult decisions. He locked horns several times with Tim Wong and in the second half of the day, the player from Malaysia appeared to be favorite to finish the session with the biggest stack.

Even though he came painfully close of hitting this milestone, he is just 13,000 chips behind and with a bit of luck he can leapfrog the leader in the first couple of hours of Day 3. Among those that fell to him was Richard Kellet who played his cards very well and represented a monster hand, but got called all the way to the river. Those who followed the action on the official website and PokerStars blog commented on the subject, with some of them thinking that Wong made a brilliant call, while others dismissing him as lucky and slightly crazy to take such chances.

Another player that spent a lot of time in the spotlight was Mickey Petersen who finished day 1 with an above average stack and thrived in the first hours of Day 2. His luck ran out when he locked horns with Adam Gotch as his pocket Kings got crushed by aces and Petersen’s stack was reduced to 80,000 chips. Much to his credit, he is still in the race and can take pride in making Day 3, unlike other poker professionals such as David Nicholson.

He was unlucky to lose major pots while winning many more insignificant hands but at the end of the day what matters is that he enjoyed a good run and spent some quality time at the UKIPT.