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Dan Smith loses lead in GPI leaderboards

The Mid-States Poker Tour Majestic Star came to an end, with the main event being the final milestone and it was Brian Zimcosky who emerged victorious. The poker player has the reputation of making deep runs in various tournaments and he lived up to it, by making the final table of the main event. This is not the first time that he competes in a tournament hosted under this brand, with his most recent performance being a third place in March.table

Back then he won almost $30,000 and now that he emerged victorious, he was awarded twice as much money, not to mention the pride of outshining more than 220 players. The final table featured nine players and there was no shortage of poker professionals among those who survived the first day. One of those who were expected to make the final table was Chad Holloway, a poker player who has a lot of experience in both live and online poker tables.

He did a fine job in the first day and brought a decently large stack to Day 2, but he couldn’t follow through and failed to make the final table. The bubble burst before Mike Deis was eliminated, which means that Michael received $2000, the amount corresponding to the one who finished in the 26th place. Joel Casper looked like a strong contender for the final table but he was stopped in his tracks and came just four places shy of making this deep run.

Brian Zimcosky and Alex Kaufman quickly emerged as favorites to win the trophy as both of them were among the chip leaders at the final table. Each of them caused the elimination of two other players and consolidated their position at the top of the food chain, setting the stage for the heads up. The terms of a potential deal were discussed, but since the two players couldn’t reach a conclusion, they had no choice but to play under the final hand was dealt.

It was the right decision for Brian Zimcosky who won it all and $61,000 as one can see below:

Place Player Prize
1 Brian Zimcosky $61,870
2 Alex Kaufman $36,459
3 Brad Sailor $20,992
4 Bob Chow $17,017
5 Gerald Siemienas $13,528
6 Paul Fisher $11,048
7 William Luciano $8,839
8 Mike Mustafa $6,629
9 Bryan Schultz $4,419
10 Brad Rhodes $2,873