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GPI announces the American Poker Awards

The Global Poker Index is one of the most respected authorities when it comes to ranking poker professionals, due to the fact that their leaderboards are always accurate. The best poker players are trying to improve their position on these lists, because this is the definitive proof that they are doing great at live tournaments. Not surprisingly, the GPI is gaining a lot of traction and the best proof that they plan to expand, is that they will organize the American Poker Awards.

It is a competition that plans on rewarding the most successful players from North America, the place where poker was invented and perfected over the years. It is a bit ironic, that right now American players are not allowed to play their favorite game over the Internet, but there are good signs that legislation is slowly changing. Lawmakers are contemplating the possibility of passing favorable laws and eventually, things will return to normal although it might take a while for that to happen.American Poker Awards

As far as the GPI tries to achieve, they plan on bringing together the top American poker pros and host a festivity that is very similar to the European Poker Awards. On this side of the Atlantic, players are receiving trophies every year and the first edition took place more than 13 years ago. Being nominated and winning a prize is a reason of great pride for the recipients and it comes as no surprise that the names are easily recognizable by those who are even remotely interested in poker.

Depending on what happens at the World Series of Poker, American players can improve their chances of being the first to win a prize at the upcoming awards. To get a general idea about the favorites, it is enough to check out the GPI player of the year and top 300 leader boards. Granted this players from the United States have to go online elsewhere and compete over the Internet from beyond borders, they are doing a good job and have a decent chance at winning an award.

The organizers are poised to improve brand recognition worldwide and such a competition has the potential of establishing the Global Poker Index as a top player. More details regarding the upcoming awards are to be unveiled as we don’t even know the location for the ceremony. It would come as no surprise if the organizers will choose a place in the United States to award the prizes, especially with their new project involving a poker magazine to be launched in Las Vegas.