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Grand Ho Tram Strip opens in Vietnam

Grand Ho Tram Strip opens in VietnamVietnam is not a country famous for its gaming hubs and very few poker professionals travel here for poker tournaments, but this all could change in the upcoming years. Local authorities are working to attract giant casino ventures and their efforts are finally paying off, with big investors expressing their interest to spend money in Vietnam. The focal point of attention is the Grand Ho Tram Strip, where a string of casinos and luxurious hotels were erected or are in the process of being built.

It is obvious that the Asian market is growing at an accelerated pace and what is more important is that there is plenty of room left to grow. Macau casinos are attracting millions of players throughout the year and billions of dollars are spent here, making it a bigger gaming hub than Las Vegas. Vietnam has a favorable legislation that presents many benefits to those willing to invest in this niche, not to mention that the authorities are willing to make more compromises than their European counterparts.

A huge project that was supposed to conclude at the end of the decade in Madrid is in danger of being put on hold indefinitely due to the fact that Spanish legislators refused to allow smoking inside the premises. Obviously, there might be additional motives for why the investors are willing to pull out from this project, with one of them being the fact that the Spanish capital city will no longer host the next Olympics. Regardless of the reasons for why the Grand Ho Tram Strip is suddenly more attractive for investors, Vietnam officials have plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

The best proof that the Asian Coast Development company and other investors who try to establish a dominant position at the Grand Ho Tram Strip have long-term plans, is that they’ve signed a partnership with JWP advertising agency. These guys are some of the best in their line of work and will diligently work towards promoting the business beyond borders, in an attempt of attracting as many players as possible. The project is still in its infant stage, but big steps have been made into the right direction.

There is of course concern regarding the possibility of poker players and other casino highrollers to choose Macau. On the bright side, the idea of novelty as well as the possibility of tapping into the immense potential of a new gaming hub, should render this fears groundless.