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Gus Hansen bests Tom Hanlon in unique triathlon

hansenThere is no environment where poker players feel more at home than at the tables, but this doesn’t mean that they are unfit to compete in different tournaments. For instance, Gus Hansen recently proved his worth in an unlikely triathlon, after emerging victorious in a confrontation with Tom Hanlon. The name doesn’t ring very familiar to poker players, but then again this is one of the best bridge players in the world and apparently a talented pool player as well.

Both Hanlon and Hansen were attending the Galway Festival and since they were already there, the organizers had the brilliant idea of inviting them to compete in a different type of contest. None of them declined the invitation and the tables were set for a race involving three games, with Mr. Hanlon having a slight edge over his opponent. The reason for why Tom was regarded as favorite to prevail is that in addition to pool and blackjack the two of them would also square off at the bridge table where Hanlon had a certain advantage.

It all began with a friendly game of pool and Hanlon came out firing on all cylinders but made some childish mistakes that allowed his opponent to take the initiative. The Danish poker player was pragmatic and didn’t commit any errors, recuperating the deficit and eventually emerging victorious. Once this initial stage of the competition was over, the two players moved to the bridge table and not surprising, the reigning champion claimed a comfortable victory.

With the score tied at 1-1 it became obvious that it was the game of blackjack to decide the winner and both players were confident in their chances of emerging victorious. Tom Hanlon was ahead once again and had a commanding lead over his opponent, but luck deserted him when he needed it most and before he knew it, the deficit was downright insurmountable. Gus Hansen chipped away at his stack until there was nothing left and the bridge champion had to accept defeat and much to his credit he did it gracefully.

There were no big side bets involved and the loser didn’t have to pay the winner anything, but given the alternative it is only fair to assume that Hanlon would’ve gladly paid. Gus Hansen was crowned winner and his victim was dressed up in a horse costume and he had to walk around much to the delight of those who attended the Galway Festival.