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HoldEm Poker for Advanced Players

holdempoker4advplayersTwo of the brightest minds in poker, David Sklanskys and Mason Malmuths, have written ”Hold’Em Poker For Advanced Players”. A book that more than anyone else has affected the way poker is played today.

Even since the first issue in 1988, the book has had a great influence on the way limit Texas Hold’em is played around the world.

Many leading poker players have studied this book thoroughly. The latest edition which is called ”The 21st Century Edition” has been extended a lot compared to the original.

The first part of the book deals with start hands and contains the now somewhat classic setting that ranks different start hands and shows which hands you should play from different positions.
The second part presents a long line of important strategic concepts like half bluff, slow play, check-raise, free card, call to bluff and implied odds.

The third part deals with short-handed play. The last part contains questions and answers that give the reader an opportunity to check himself to see if he or she has understood all concepts.

  • ISBN 1880685221
  • Author Sklansky, David; Malmuth, Mason
  • Publisher Two Plus Two Pub
  • Nr of Pages
  • Cover Paperback