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Kyle Bowker wins No-Limit Hold’em Main Event Championship

The WSOP National Championship acts as a magnet for those who want to boost their bankroll ahead of the World Series of Poker. The two competitions are quite similar just as the name suggests, but the buy ins are far more affordable for the former. Kyle Bowker can afford to participate in pretty much any live poker tournament and he’s expected to feature in Las Vegas among other poker professionals in June.

Meanwhile, he was inspired to join the other 325 players in the tournament hosted by a casino in Philadelphia and gladly paid $1675 to participate. The No-Limit Hold’em Main Event Championship exceeded expectations and the prize pool surged far beyond the guaranteed amount. An eclectic mix of poker professionals and amateurs made this competition even more exciting and the fact that Kyle Bowker prevailed is hardly a surprise.pokershopping

He has played his fair share of live tournaments, but until recently he had to settle for deep runs and plenty of money finishes. It is a bit surprising that this is the first time he wins a big competition, but those who have followed his activity over the last couple of years will see in this achievement a confirmation of his huge potential. Proper bankroll management and unbridled enthusiasm for the game itself kept him going, when everything seemed to be stacked against him.

Reaching the final table was a challenge, but things turned from difficult to insanely complicated when just nine players were left. Jeff Madsen, David Baker, Ryan Eriquezzo, Eric Baldwin and Loni Harwood were all eliminated earlier that day, but the ones still standing were no pushovers. It definitely helped Kyle that all these poker professionals were out of the picture, but he fought a difficult battle nevertheless.

He brought a decent stack to the final table but he was not even remotely close to matching the chip leader’s stack, so he had to take it one step at a time. In the end, Kyle outshined all of them including several WSOPC ring wearers and claimed a prize of $115k. In case you’re wondering how much the other eight players to call, this list will pretty much answer all questions:

  1. Kyle Bowker – $115,920
  2. Justin Liberto – $72,664
  3. Joe Kuether – $52,280
  4. David Bivins – $38,778
  5. Kevin Saul – $29,212
  6. Antonio Payne – $22,342
  7. Timothy West – $17,338
  8. Thomas Cannuli – $13,648
  9. Anthony Minniti – $10,896