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MicroMillions series resumes in mid-November

pokershopOne of the most popular series ran online by PokerStars is the MicroMillions, which despite its humble beginnings grew into a main attraction. Players from all walks of life compete in this tournament, because the buy-ins are as low as they get and the potential rewards generous. In a nutshell, the series is a compendium of tournaments that will set players back just a couple of dollars, while the prices are comparable to regular tournaments ran by the poker company.

Initially, its audience was made almost exclusively of rookies and players who found it impossible to advance to higher limits and seems to be stuck at micro stakes. Over the course of time, regulars and even grinders decided to give the MicroMillions series a try because it had a reputation for offering generous payouts. The idea of competing against less experienced opponents and risking virtually nothing remains every bit as appealing as ever and as a result the number of competitors increases every year.

The MicroMillions is scheduled for November and the sixth edition promises to break all previous records and the main event is the highlight of the series. Players have two ways of qualifying for this tournament, with the most straightforward one being to pay $22 out-of-pocket. Given the fact that the guaranteed prize pool stands at $150,000 and we have every reason to believe that it will be surpassed by at least $100,000, the investment is definitely worthwhile.

Surprising as it might sound, some people can’t afford to pay $22 for tournament and that’s why the poker company presented them with an alternative way of attending. Not surprising, qualifiers run live for the main event and regular ones only cost $.55, with several satellites being scheduled every day. Both those who participate in the main event and players who settle for one of the side tournaments, should know that a good placement on the MicroMillions Leader Board could bring them a bonus payout.

Those who spend a lot of time playing poker on PokerStars and make the MicroMillions their tournament of choice, can win a token worth $215. The best part is that this is not a one-time deal and the same token can be used week after week to buying in at the Sunday Million for a total of six months. These weekly events have a guaranteed prize pool of $1 million, so it is hard to believe that the token recipient will leave empty-handed after playing for six consecutive months.