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Multibillion Eurovegas project jeopardized by smoking

pokershopIt is a bit hard to believe that in an economy hampered by unemployment, it is possible for a multibillion project to fail due to something as minor as smoking. This is the case in Madrid, where Las Vegas Sands threatens the government to hold a major casino resort project that is supposed to open in the next couple of years. It goes by the name of EuroVegas and it is estimated to cost in excess of $8 billion, while creating tens of thousands of jobs.

A total of 12 hotels most of them of five stars as well as plenty of casinos are supposed to populate this resort, with tens of thousands of parking spaces guaranteed. If it would come to fruition, the EuroVegas would stretched over almost 500 ha and would put Madrid on the world map as the most important gambling hub in Europe. Tourists would pour year after year with hundreds of millions of dollars expected to arrive from all over the old continent and beyond.

Everything looks great on paper, but there is a catch because the Las Vegas Sands representatives seem determined to hold any investment unless Spanish officials agree with smoking inside the casinos. Sheldon Adelson made it crystal clear that the company he represents is willing to put an end to the EuroVegas if the Spanish prime minister makes no compromises. Given the fact that he has been a staunch supporter of antismoking laws it is hard to believe that he will give in and make this deal.

On the other hand, it is easy to imagine the impact such a project would have on the economy so there are many who agree that it would be worth making a compromise just one time. Nevertheless there are plenty who believe that this latest demand formulated by Las Vegas Sands officials is nothing more than an excuse to stop making the promised investment because there are better opportunities elsewhere. The fact that Madrid lost the race for the 2020 Olympics doesn’t help the city either.

Vietnam might be the final destination for the EuroVegas project, although it is only natural to expect the name to be changed into a more suitable one for the Asian market. Obviously, if Vietnam is chosen, smoking will no longer be a problem because in this country it is perfectly legal to play in casinos and smoke. Read more on this here