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Norwegian government contemplates the legalization of poker

Norway leads by example and it is frequently cited as an ideal destination for those who cherish quality of life in an open-minded society. Poker players who plan on relocating there might be surprised to hear that the game is still illegal in Norway, although baby steps are being made in the right direction.

norwaypokerThe new government majority contemplates the possibility of legalizing poker and MP Roy Steffensen could be the one to make the decisive move. There are plenty of reasons for why the game should be legal, but so far there were no many willing to carry the flag and fight for this cause. As a result, Norwegian players who are looking forward for this year’s edition of the Norway Championship of Poker have already booked flights and accommodation in Dublin.

The capital of Ireland will act as a gracious host for this major event, between April 5th – 13th  which is frustrating for the numerous Norwegian poker pros. Many have already made a name for themselves both online and in land based casinos, yet they can’t play their favorite game in their own country. In the past, efforts hit a brick wall, given the ruling majority’s opposition, but there are reasons for optimism.

Current Minister of Culture Thorhild Widwey is a big supporter of poker and she is willing to make compromises so that a prominent tournament can be organized in a local casino. This is a small step rather than a giant leap, but for the poker community in Norway it is still something worth celebrating. If everything goes well, a Norwegian Poker Championship could be held in 2015, within borders. If and when it happens, you will find all information about the tournament on the Norwegian casino portal

Among those who made a significant contribution to the cause are Erlan Wiborg and Ola “Odd Oddsen” Amundsrud with the former accepting a heads-up challenged issued by the poker pro. Erlan bowed to Amundsrud and the professional made his point, with the entire campaign being aimed at promoting poker and speeding up its legalization.