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Allen Kessler wins WSOP Circuit Foxwoods trophy

The WSOP Circuit Foxwoods is not exactly the most important stop in the World Series of Poker circuit, but even so, it attracted a record number of players. The prospect of winning the coveted WSOP ring and $170,000 attracted a total of 506 players, with each of them paying $1675. There were no players booking their seats as a result of winning qualifiers, but even so locals and players from neighboring states swarm the casino hosting the event.

pokershoppingThe 2014/2015 World Series of Poker Circuit Foxwoods $1,675 Main Event was the last one scheduled for this series and many of those who participated in the side events also attended. Even though online poker rooms are not allowed to serve US players, many find a way of competing over the Internet and a handful of them came here to put their skills to the test. The winner was guaranteed to win 100 times more than he invested, with nine players making the final table.

It took three days for 15 players to be left in the race and immediately after the bubble stage came to an end, action picked up speed. Chris Lovett had a lot of chips in front of him at some point, but he squandered his advantage and he was the first eliminated, with four players following. Once the final table began, Allen Kessler took the initiative and he sent two players to the rail in the first 30 minutes.

This made it possible for him to consolidate the advantage over Greg White and Mark Dube, players that he eventually faced during three handed play. Greg was the first to be eliminated, which made it certain for the remaining two players that they wouldn’t go home with less than $100,000. Allen was ahead in terms of both stakes and morale, raising aggressively hand after hand, until Mark Dube had no choice but to commit all his chips.

This didn’t end up well for him as he lost it all in one hand, finishing second for $105k, while Allen Kessler went on to win the 2014/2015 World Series of Poker Circuit Foxwoods $1,675 Main Event. This is how the final table looked like and the amounts collected by the nine finalists:

1 Allen Kessler $170,031
2 Mark Dube $105,103
3 Greg White $76,791
4 Hilary Dombrowski $56,940
5 Alex Rocha $42,785
6 Mike Quibble $32,662
7 Kevin Darouvar $25,306
8 Matt Zola $19,851
9 Michael Lavoie $15,837

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