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Casumo Casino in UK

casumo iconSometimes, all you need is an innovative concept and the will to take on strong competitors to prevail, even when you are relatively late to the party. Casumo did exactly that two years ago and since 2012 when the first virtual reels were spun and the first cards dealt, they kept growing at an accelerated pace. Casumo had no intention of walking down the same traveled paths and instead invited players to embark on an epic adventure.

Games and Software

NetEnt’s reputation precedes it and when it comes to online casino games, this software developer holds several records. It incorporates some of the best visual and sound effects into its titles and has some of the best paying progressive jackpot games. They are also big promoters of cutting edge technology and constantly add new titles on the list of games available on mobile devices.

Slot games enthusiasts have hundreds of games to choose from, most of them tweaked so that they can be played on smartphones and tablets. Wild Turkey, Jack Hammer, Foxin News, Mega Fortune, Victorious and Lucky Angler, are just a couple of the slot games available. Other popular casino games, including Caribbean Poker, Blackjack and roulette are available and the latter even have a live dealer option.

Progressive jackpot games are abundant and players have the same chances of scooping a record-breaking amount by playing downloadable content, instant play games or mobile-compatible titles. Speaking of which, Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights, Geisha Wonders and Icy Wonders are the best paying slot games with progressive jackpots developed by NetEnt and offered by Casumo.

Bonuses and loyalty programs

When they make their first deposit, new players will have their accounts credited with an identical amount in the form of a welcome bonus. The only prerequisite is for players to deposit at least €10 and before the bonus amount can be withdrawn, it has to meet a play-through requirement of 25 times. More on the bonuses and rewards at Casumo casino is available at

Loyal members who spend a lot of time enjoying their games will cash in on a different type of rewards, in conjunction to occasional deposit bonuses. The latter are made available on a monthly basis and the loyalty campaign is just as alluring, as progress is easy to quantify. Casumo has its own leaderboard and players are moving up with each dollar they spin and rewards vary from bonus money to free spins.…

Super casino could open in Southampton this year

Super casinoWhen it comes to land-based casinos, the most promising news come from Las Vegas and Macau, the world’s biggest gambling hubs. This is where new venues open on a monthly basis and where most of the highrollers flock throughout the year. Good news come from Southampton, where the gambling company Aspers plans on opening a super casino in the next couple of years.

They’ve already chosen a location for their latest venue, which is supposed to be the third-largest in United Kingdom. There are only a handful of places where poker players and other fans of gambling can put their luck and skill to the test in England, at least of this magnitude. The prospect of having a super casino in Southampton at Royal Pier is alluring for all those concerned, given the fact that this area is not frequented by tourists and derelict buildings are scattered all over the place.

The investment will generate plenty of jobs and it is expected that people from neighboring towns will also come here to gamble. A project of this size will have 150 slot games and plenty of table games, so those who happen to be nearby won’t be disappointed. Few companies were willing to invest in this area and that’s why the Associated British Ports Authority was thrilled at the prospect of Aspers bringing in millions of dollars.

The city Council also seems to be backing this project, although some formalities are yet to be fulfilled before the actual project commences. The company has the expertise and money to build something formidable out of scratch and past performance is an accurate indicator in this case. The Stratford super casino in London is a lucrative venue and a significant source of income for the local community and state coffers. If the Southampton project will be only half as profitable, the citizens will still have a lot to gain and so will the local leaders.…

Dario Minieri’s take on playing poker at micro-limits

pokershopThose who make their baby steps in the world of poker, find everything related to the game extraordinary and they tend to talk a lot about it whenever they have the occasion. That’s why, when players explain how thrilled they are at playing at micro-limits, many of their more experienced peers tend to dismiss them as amateurs. The truth is that very few have made a successful transition from these limits to regular ones and there are not many success stories or guidelines out there.

Dario Minieri is a poker professional who competes at high-stakes and is well familiar with major tournaments, but very few know that he started from scratch. He knew that time was on his side but he didn’t have a lot of money, so he didn’t mind playing at micro limits until he finally honed his skills. One of the things he emphasizes is that these units provide you with the rare opportunity of learning while you earn and keeps you safe from catastrophic losses.

Sometimes, players need to sit down at $0.01/$0.02 tables and compete for what others regard as pocket money for the kids. Knowing that you need to gradually open additional tables until you finally accumulate enough money in your online account to move to the next limits can be disheartening. One of the mistakes that many amateurs commit is that they think about what the amounts won at the end of a lengthy session would buy them in the real world.

This is a winning mistake, because it devalues the entire notion of learning while you play at micro-limits and opens the door for tilt to insinuate. Dario Minieri explains how he took every single table seriously and focused mostly on growing organically, because he knew that this is the only sustainable way of building a poker career. Once he had enough money he moved to the next limits, but he didn’t jump from one to the other before his bankroll would allow it.

There are not many who have the results and experience of Dario to contradict him on this issue and beginners should heed his words. Time solves everything and those who take micro-limits seriously will eventually go all the way up to the top and the most successful ones will one day play at nosebleed limits. On the other hand, if you try to advance to soon, you risk jeopardizing everything and for many aspiring poker players a significant loss in the early stages of their career can prove insurmountable.…

Barny Boatman finally wins his WSOP bracelet

pokershopThere are some poker players out there whom people instinctively assume that our World Series of Poker winners, for the simple fact that they are always in the spotlight. Barny Boatman is such an example, and unlike some of his peers he is not only well known but also incredibly popular due to his friendly demeanor. To say that he is a vastly experienced poker player would be an understatement, because there are just a handful out there even close facing in terms of time spent at the poker tables.

What makes him special is the fact that he treats all players courteously regardless of skill and is always willing to talk to them whether they he knows them or not. Even when confronted with adversity or sour losers, Barny Boatman doesn’t seem to be losing his temper and finds a way of appeasing them. This is why, when the poker community found out that after many years of struggle, he finally won a World Series of Poker bracelet, they were genuinely happy for him. tells the story of this victory in Las Vegas, but also shed some light on Barny Boatman, the man. He finished in the money at so many live events, that he has no reason to think about the financial side, but the fact that the coveted bracelet has eluded him for so long must have been frustrating.

Interesting enough, each time Barny Boatman sat down at the WSOP table he was optimistic about his chances of emerging victorious. Surprising enough, each performance was slightly better than the previous one until the inevitable happened and he took home the gold bracelet. There is no reason to expect him to quit poker or to refrain from playing at the World Series of Poker in 2014 and it will come as no surprise if Barny Boatman would win another bracelet or even more.

Among British poker players, he is one of the most successful and the worst example for the younger generation of Internet poker experts. This young and promising guys have proven their worth time after time online but they still need to hold their skills at the poker table. Even more important is that they need to get aware of what proper etiquette is and how to behave under pressure, something that unfortunately many of those who play exclusively over the Internet are not particularly good at.…

Multibillion Eurovegas project jeopardized by smoking

pokershopIt is a bit hard to believe that in an economy hampered by unemployment, it is possible for a multibillion project to fail due to something as minor as smoking. This is the case in Madrid, where Las Vegas Sands threatens the government to hold a major casino resort project that is supposed to open in the next couple of years. It goes by the name of EuroVegas and it is estimated to cost in excess of $8 billion, while creating tens of thousands of jobs.

A total of 12 hotels most of them of five stars as well as plenty of casinos are supposed to populate this resort, with tens of thousands of parking spaces guaranteed. If it would come to fruition, the EuroVegas would stretched over almost 500 ha and would put Madrid on the world map as the most important gambling hub in Europe. Tourists would pour year after year with hundreds of millions of dollars expected to arrive from all over the old continent and beyond.

Everything looks great on paper, but there is a catch because the Las Vegas Sands representatives seem determined to hold any investment unless Spanish officials agree with smoking inside the casinos. Sheldon Adelson made it crystal clear that the company he represents is willing to put an end to the EuroVegas if the Spanish prime minister makes no compromises. Given the fact that he has been a staunch supporter of antismoking laws it is hard to believe that he will give in and make this deal.

On the other hand, it is easy to imagine the impact such a project would have on the economy so there are many who agree that it would be worth making a compromise just one time. Nevertheless there are plenty who believe that this latest demand formulated by Las Vegas Sands officials is nothing more than an excuse to stop making the promised investment because there are better opportunities elsewhere. The fact that Madrid lost the race for the 2020 Olympics doesn’t help the city either.

Vietnam might be the final destination for the EuroVegas project, although it is only natural to expect the name to be changed into a more suitable one for the Asian market. Obviously, if Vietnam is chosen, smoking will no longer be a problem because in this country it is perfectly legal to play in casinos and smoke. Read more on this here…

Gus Hansen bests Tom Hanlon in unique triathlon

hansenThere is no environment where poker players feel more at home than at the tables, but this doesn’t mean that they are unfit to compete in different tournaments. For instance, Gus Hansen recently proved his worth in an unlikely triathlon, after emerging victorious in a confrontation with Tom Hanlon. The name doesn’t ring very familiar to poker players, but then again this is one of the best bridge players in the world and apparently a talented pool player as well.

Both Hanlon and Hansen were attending the Galway Festival and since they were already there, the organizers had the brilliant idea of inviting them to compete in a different type of contest. None of them declined the invitation and the tables were set for a race involving three games, with Mr. Hanlon having a slight edge over his opponent. The reason for why Tom was regarded as favorite to prevail is that in addition to pool and blackjack the two of them would also square off at the bridge table where Hanlon had a certain advantage.

It all began with a friendly game of pool and Hanlon came out firing on all cylinders but made some childish mistakes that allowed his opponent to take the initiative. The Danish poker player was pragmatic and didn’t commit any errors, recuperating the deficit and eventually emerging victorious. Once this initial stage of the competition was over, the two players moved to the bridge table and not surprising, the reigning champion claimed a comfortable victory.

With the score tied at 1-1 it became obvious that it was the game of blackjack to decide the winner and both players were confident in their chances of emerging victorious. Tom Hanlon was ahead once again and had a commanding lead over his opponent, but luck deserted him when he needed it most and before he knew it, the deficit was downright insurmountable. Gus Hansen chipped away at his stack until there was nothing left and the bridge champion had to accept defeat and much to his credit he did it gracefully.

There were no big side bets involved and the loser didn’t have to pay the winner anything, but given the alternative it is only fair to assume that Hanlon would’ve gladly paid. Gus Hansen was crowned winner and his victim was dressed up in a horse costume and he had to walk around much to the delight of those who attended the Galway Festival.…


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