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Strategy in the Final Stages of a Tournament

Your online poker strategy must relate to the place you want to finish. You can play tight-aggressive (TAG) for a ITM finish (in the money). If you still play to win, you have to play more loose-aggressive (LAG) and to assume greater risks – for example, to shove with pocket pairs early.

In small tournaments (eg SNGs of 180 online poker people at Full Tilt), we always recommend LAG approach – largely due to the fact that the first places are awarded more consistent, like playing here. Similarly, satellite type tournaments or steps type tournaments ones, matter much more to come first and therefore to play looser. 1

Strategy for large, medium and small stack.

Play according to your stack size. Big stacks over 30xBB should play aggressive and to use to steal the blinds, game type and bluff squeeze. Need to coerce smaller stacks blinds and do not be afraid to call pre-flop when you have a marginal hand like suited connectors or a big ace.

Players with average stacks (between 15 and 30 BigBlinds) must play slightly tighter than a deep stack, yet to dominate players with short stacks and profit from other players in the same tight situation. You shouldn’t do too often shove preflop in early position without good hands, but stealing the pot is still very important. Most of the action should come from the mid- late position and it is very important not to become pot bound against adversaries with big stack. There are other more effective ways to gather chips than to get in a coin flip with the chip leader of your preflop.

Let’s be honest – small stack players need a miracle right now. If you have less than 10xBB, then you should put your best into play 50% of hands as soon as possible. Much of your game at this point depends on your luck and takes big risks.

Continue To Steal/Defend Blinds

Blinds value (+antes) is massive, which is why preflop pots are very important to steal.

When you’re in the final stages of a tournament, you have to try to steal the blinds in position as often as possible and take advantage of the players’ tight/weak on BBs. As long as you raise or bluff with hands that have outs (suited connectors for example) can still receive calls and to hit a monster.

I have to say two words about blinds occur. To defend the blinds you must re-raise or fold against loose opponents. A yes call is a bad idea because you’re out of position and is unlikely to turn the wheel in an online poker.

Use a Poker HUD At Final Table

A well-timed aggression and a poker HUD is essential to win the final table. You need to know with what opponents do 3bet or re-raise and their range depending on position.

Most pots preflop will dispute the greatness of the blinds and antes. This leaves little room for “real online poker” and your advantage will come by knowing the other players at the table.